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Limited Edition works where each holder shares ownership of a historically significant physical asset.
Welcome to the Collision

We believe the art+asset concept is one that collectors will love. We hope the shared ownership in the iconic underlying assets creates a stronger connection to the art and a feeling of pride for all edition holders.

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Recent Drops:

“GENESIS“ - A Tribute to Michael Jordan

Holders own MJ’s most iconic rookie card in the highest grade offered by PSA. Similar copies have sold at auction up to $800,000.

genesis art genesis asset

“FLIGHT” - A Moment of Significance

With ownership of an authentic piece of the original Wright Flyer 1 wing fabric. Pieces of this fabric have been to the moon. One is currently on Mars. And this is the first one on the Blockchain to celebrate a moment that changed the course of humanity.

flight art flight asset

“MAMBA” - A Tribute to Kobe Bryant

For this work, holders will enjoy having a piece of Kobe’s most iconic card in the highest grade offered by the PSA. This card is highly sensitive and such pristine copies rarely surface. When they have, they have fetched prices ranging from $600,000 to over $2 Million.

mamba art mamba asset

“LOST PARROTS OF PARIS” - Immortalizing the work of Francois Lavalliant

20 parrots created via revolutionary lithograph techniques 220 years ago are re-imagined. The underlying asset celebrates the modern king of the parrots, Jimmy Buffet, with shared ownership in a certified authentic autograph on a Buffet custom Epiphone Guitar.

lostparrots art lostparrots asset

“Fire” - A Charizard First Edition

Holders own one of the greatest iconic cards in the card collection hobby, the #4 Charizard is easily one of the most recognizable and most desired. Owning a piece of this incredible holographic Charizard is sure to make any collectors’ dreams come true.

charizard art charizard asset

“Bambino” - A Babe Ruth autographed baseball

For this work, holders will enjoy having a piece of a Babe Ruth Autographed Ball. This particular example of a Babe Ruth ball stands near the very top of the scale in visual appeal. It is a showpiece that any collector should be proud to own in full or shared with other like minded collectors.

Bambino art Bambino asset

“Ali” - A 1974, Ali vs. Foreman Boxing Ticket and Training Worn Gloves Autograph

For this special Collision edition, holders will enjoy having not only a piece of the October 30th, 1974, Ali vs. Foreman Boxing Ticket PSA 1 but also the 2000 Upper Deck Master Collection Muhammad Ali Training Worn Gloves Autograph (08/70) #ALiAG PSA 10.

Ali art Ali asset

“Abe” – Signed Pardon & Discharge of Confederate Army Soldier

For this one-of-a-kind Collision edition, holders can enjoy a piece of history. A 1865 President Abraham Lincoln Signed Pardon & Discharge of Confederate Army Soldier.

Abe art Abe asset