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Limited Edition works where each holder shares ownership of a historically significant physical asset.
A Moment of Significance
The Art
The Art
"I spent a lot of time studying different works related to the theme of flight. I wanted to make sure the flyer itself was incorporated here but it had to be bigger than that and it had to symbolize not only where we have been but where we are headed. I think these works do that."
Hear about the art:
The Asset
Late in his life, Orville began gifting pieces of the Wright Flyer I fabric to those who helped reassemble Flyer III to go on museum display. A piece of this fabric was used to create a scale model of the flyer that was later damaged. Aviation collector Otto Kallir, worked with CAG to preserve and authenticate the fabric from the model and this is our specimen from Kallir’s collection provenance.
"Owning a relic like the actual wing fabric from Wright Flyer I is almost crazy to stop and think about. The significance of human flight in a historical concept is almost beyond my ability to even comprehend and appreciate it fully."
Wright Flyer Wing Fabric
Editions: 60
Serials: /180
Asset Proofs: 180
Joint Ownership: 0.28%* per serial # edition
  and per asset proof.
Strike Price: 400 ETH
Term: 10 Years