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Limited Edition works where each holder shares ownership of a historically significant physical asset.
a Charizard First Edition
The Art
The Art
Inspired by Charizard’s fire and flame persona, the art for this commission comes alive with its dramatic remnants of a hatched Pokemon-like “egg” and an oversized, mystical footprint. Where this mysterious creature is headed, no one knows, but the ode it pays to the most recognizable character of the fictional series is undeniable.
The Asset
Collectors of Pokémon cards will want a piece of this exemplary, 1999 #4 Charizard BGS 9.5. First edition, shadowless Pokémon cards are rare to find, but to find them in GEM MINT condition is next to impossible. In fact, only 48 examples are known to exist with this BGS GEM MINT assessment.

One of the greatest iconic cards in the card collection hobby, the #4 Charizard is easily one of the most recognizable and most desired. Owning a piece of this incredible holographic Charizard is sure to make any collectors’ dreams come true.
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The Asset
Editions Serials Asset %
Fire 1 3.45%
Diamond 5 2.00%
Ruby 25 1.00%
Gold 150 .20%
Moonlight 360 .06%
Asset Proof 199 .05%
*Each edition owns this coordinating amount of the asset.
All differences due to rounding.