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Limited Edition works where each holder shares ownership of a historically significant physical asset.
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a Babe Ruth autographed baseball
The Art
The Art
Inspired by Babe Ruth’s legendary career as one of the greatest baseball player of all time, the art for this commission comes alive through iconic moments in the great Bambino’s life on and off the field. The details in each edition unveil vintage replicas of the actual era the scenes occurred in and pays homage to one of the greatest athlete of all times.
The Asset
Few collectibles have captured the hearts and imaginations of sports fans more than a Babe Ruth Autographed ball. It was the dream of many to secure one in the pre and post wwii era.

This particular example of a Babe Ruth ball stands near the very top of the scale in visual appeal. The ball has a bit of an unknown story as it once included one or more now unknown autographs that were removed through museum grade restoration leaving only the boldly struck Babe Ruth autograph on the ball’s “sweet spot” for perfect positioning. The ball itself has a beautiful aged patina and it has been forever marked with psa’s invisible ink dna technology that refracts under a specific light to signify the autographs authenticity.

This is a showpiece that any collector should be proud to own in full or shared with other like minded collectors.
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Editions Serials Asset %
Bambino 1 3.45%
Diamond 5 2.00%
Ruby 25 1.00%
Gold 150 .20%
Moonlight 360 .06%
Asset Proof 199 .05%
*Each edition owns this coordinating amount of the asset.
All differences due to rounding.